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Fail any aircraft component with just one click manually or define detailed failure conditions like fail if aircraft is above a specific altitude or airspeed.

Core Systems

In this area you can fail all core aircraft systems like engines, electrical system or brakes.

Panel Failures

Fail one or more panels here to force the pilot to get along with the situation also without that specific panel systems.

Fuel Leaks

Produce fuel leaks in all or individual tanks with this section.

Failure Conditions

After clicking on a failure button in one of the sections above, these failure condition options will be displayed. Enable the check box before a condition to enable it.

First you can define if the failure should be in effect immediately or delayed for a certain amount of minutes.

Then you can choose a minimum and maximum altitude (MSL). If you enable one or both of these conditions the failure will be only in effect within this altitude range.

Additionally you can make sure that the failure will only occur within a certain (indicated) airspeed range.

In case the failure is a fuel leak you will see another option where you need to enter the amount of fuel that is lost per minute.

To enable a failure click on the Enable button. If you click on an already active failure you can disable it here again, too.