Privacy Policy

Data as names, address, phone number or e-mail address (personal data) that is sent to us we are using only for the reason of handling your inquiry or for processing your order. Your data will not be transferred to a third party by us. We receive, process and use your personal data by the usage of the website or the software offered there if that is necessary to enable the usage of our offer to you (usage data) or to blll the usage of this offer (billing data).

The order processing of software provided on may be done by a third party. These offers receive, save and process you usage data to identify and bill the service you utilized. If these offers cannot or only partially collect the user fee or if they desist the collection due to a claim, these usage data will be provided to AB-Tools and the user will get blocked. The same occurs if e. g. a credit card organisation refunds a transaction of a user at the expense of AB-Tools. All personal data will be saved by us only as long as this is necessary for the named reason (handling your inquiry or processing your order) or we are compelled for storage by law. With your visit of or the usage of the software provided there furthermore information about your access (date, time, viewed webpage) could be saved on our server. This data is not a part of the personal data, but it is made anonymous. Example: name of your internet provider, type of your internet browser, visited page of our internet webpage. This data is only used by us for statistic reasons and to improve our offer.

If a program crash occurs while using one of the software products provided by error information regarding this crash as well as general information about your computer (like the operating system) is transferred to our servers. This data is only used for error analysis.

With a visit of data can be saved on your computer. This data is called "Cookie" and it makes the usaged of easier. But you have the possibility to disabled this function in your web browser. However, in this case there may be restrictions in the usability of our pages.

For the reason of market research and marketing we are using only anonymous data. You have a nonpaid entitlement of the disclosure about your data saved by us and if applicable the right of adjustment, blocking or deletion of this data.

If you have agreed with the storing and processing of your data (e. g. while subscribing to our free e-mail newsletter) you can revoked your agreement with an effect for the future at any time.

The legal entity responsible for the site and all products listed there is AB-Tools GmbH.