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Command Line Parameters

You can use these command line parameters to enable or also to disable certain functions of FS-FlightControl.

Currently there is only one command line parameter available:

  • /dataDirectory={path}1): Allows specifying a custom data directory. Please carefully read the additional information about this parameter below first.
  • /doNotSaveSettings2): If used settings can be changed by the user, but changes will be discarded on program close.
  • /useSimulator={simulator_name}: Start FS-FlightControl with a specific simulator by specifying its name here (surrounding quotes may be used if name contains spaces).
  • /suppressFontScalingWarning: If font scaling is enabled on Windows 7 or older an incompatibility warning is displayed on every program start. To suppress this warning at own risk you can use this command line parameter.

:i: Note: All command line parameters are case insensitive.

Custom Data Directory

The command line parameter /dataDirectory={path} allows specifying a custom data directory defined with the placeholder {path} (surrounding quotes may be used if path contains spaces).

If such a custom data directory is defined FS-FlightControl allows to start multiple application instances on the same computer. This is only very rarely needed, but can make sense if in parallel a connection to multiple simulators is needed from one instructor seat.

:i: Note: It is very important to remember that every instance of FS-FlightControl requires a separate license!

For that reason the custom data directory defined is part of the hardware key during license activation.

As a result you cannot just set or change such a custom data directory, but before every change or setting it the first time (or removing the parameter again) you are required to first deactivate your license in the Info module. Not doing so will invalidate your license with the need to contact us for a manually license reset.

So before enabling, disabling or changing the custom data directory please follow these steps:

  1. Start FS-FlightControl without /dataDirectory parameter (or the previously used one) and deactivate your license in the Info module.
  2. Add the (new) command line parameter /dataDirectory with the desired {path} to the application shortcut.
  3. Ensure that navigation data is present in the {path}\NavData sub directory: You can either copy this NavData directory from the default FS-FlightControl data directory (normally C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\FS-FlightControl\NavData) or just use a fresh navigation data copy from Navigraph or NavDataPro.
  4. Start FS-FlightControl now using that shortcut and make sure to use a commercial license during license activation.

:i: Note: Every parallel instance of FS-FlightControl has to be started with a different custom data directory.

The same application executable FS-FlightControl.exe can be started multiple times. So while the custom data directory needs to be different for every instance, the application itself only has to be installed once on the same computer.

1) , 2) This command line parameter only works with the commercial license of FS-FlightControl.