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Main Menu Buttons

On the bottom of the FS-FlightControl window the main menu buttons are displayed.

All buttons in the first row and the buttons up to Settings in the second row as well as the Info button will show the corresponding FS-FlightControl module.

Which module buttons are shown here can be configured in the module Settings.

The Freeze button will trigger an aircraft position freeze in flight simulator (you can additionally freeze the altitude in the module Settings). This means that you can still control the aircraft (flight simulator is not paused), change parameters like pitch and bank angle as well as airspeed, but the aircraft will not leave its current position. This can be used, for example, after the aircraft was positioned on an approach to give the pilot a chance to get all aircraft parameters like airspeed under control before the real approach starts. If the aircraft position is currently frozen this button will be displayed in red.

In contrast the Pause button will completely pause the flight simulator. If the flight simulator is currently paused this button will be displayed in red.

Finally the Exit button will close the FS-FlightControl application.

Right down at the bottom right there are some small diagonal lines displayed. Click and hold in this area to resize the FS-FlightControl window to your needs.

Keyboard Shortcuts

All main menu buttons can also be access by keyboard shortcuts.

Just keep the keys CTRL and SHIFT pressed and then add one of the following keys for the corresponding module or action button:

Key Module or Action
P Position
M Map
F Flight Plan
C Conditions
B Pushback
L Fuel/Load
V View/Slew
I Failures
A Aircraft
S Statistics
N Network
O Motion
T Settings
H Info
Z Freeze
U Pause
E Exit